Some people enjoy the challenge of telemarketing…

But when it comes to Lead Generation, some aren’t so keen and others just don’t have the time. Estadia’s team of trained, experienced telemarketers have the expertise and the confidence to deliver a winning lead generation campaign designed to achieve more sales and grow your business.

Good business comes from building good relationships

Even in the age of digital sales and marketing, telemarketing is still a very powerful sales tool and should be part of any business’ blended marketing strategy. Why?

People buy from people.

It’s true. We are more likely to acknowledge, trust and eventually invest in products or services that we feel connected to. Some people simply prefer a quick call over a lengthy email any day. So could telemarketing help your business to maximise the chances of effectively marketing to as many potential customers as possible?

Great business comes from building great relationships

Estadia’s proven track record shows we are experts in providing highly qualified leads that convert to new customers for our clients.

Our tried and tested approach to telemarketing focuses on developing rapport, building relationships and collecting only the most relevant information to ensure your sales pipeline is filled with quality leads, already aware of your product or service and with a genuine interest.

Estadia has partnered with a number of different businesses across a variety of industries to deliver targeted campaigns that produce real results.

Estadia has the experience to boost your prospecting

We consider the planning stages of a campaign to be as vital as the calling stage itself, establishing clear goals and expectations with you at the start. Estadia has the telemarketing know-how to improve your business and specialises in delivering campaigns to achieve the following:

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Cleanse
  • Customer Survey
  • Appointment Setting

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Tell us About your Lead Generation Needs

Select the service that will best deliver growth to your business

Lead Generation

Taking data and then qualifying it until it becomes a prospect, our lead generation service has proven to be a great success for many of our clients. We have a proven effective strategic process that enables our telemarketing agents to introduce your company, build awareness of your product or service, develop trusted relationships with gatekeepers and obtain information to access key decision makers. In addition, we seek to find out as much about the prospect’s current situation as possible, identifying where their challenges lie and if current suppliers are performing well or not.

Data Cleanse

Whether your company has been trading for many years or is a new startup, accurate customer and prospect data is key to sourcing new business. Estadia has extensive experience of working though complex data lists, supplied from both in-house or purchased, to establish the best prospects to target, update existing records and remove dead data, leaving you with a clean database to work with.

Customer Survey

Encourage a high reputation and repeat business by surveying your customer base to learn about their experiences with your product or service, Estadia provide a full survey service with comprehensive reporting of results.

Appointment Setting

For businesses looking to outsource their complete prospecting strategy, a detailed campaign can be delivered to build the initial relationship with new prospects, cultivate awareness of your product or service over time, finally culminating with arranging an appointment to meet with you face-to-face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my telemarketing?

Once you establish your goals and expectations, you can then measure the resources available within your business to see if it can sustain the work involved. If you want to avoid overstretching your staff, adding new duties to their workload and taking their focus off delivering to a high standard, then it may be more cost effective and productive for you to outsource your telemarketing. Other common reasons for outsourcing telemarketing include:

  • Your business levels are subject to seasonal peaks
  • You don’t wish to take on the responsibility of managing another team
  • You don’t have the budget or space to equip a call centre
  • You want to start up your marketing campaign quickly

The benefits of outsourcing telemarketing activity to Estadia are clear:

  • Qualified and experienced in this field, Estadia’s telemarketers have been selected specifically for their suitability to the work required
  • Our telemarketers have received training to help them make the most of every conversation they have with a prospect
  • Estadia provides regular reports and tracking information that evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign

Can an outside telemarketer truly represent my company?

Estadia telemarketers take ownership of their telemarketing projects from the outset, making time to learn as much about the company they will represent and all the features and benefits of their product or service. Their line manager maintains an overall view of the project but it is essential that the person making the calls stays in communication with the client they are representing. Opportunities to measure the success of the campaign and re-evealute the strategy provide you with the reassurance you need.

How long should my telemarketing campaign be?

Campaigns start at 5 hours per week, but up to 30 hours per week can be accommodated, running from a minimum of 13 weeks. Longer campaigns allow for a greater number of highly qualified leads with strong prospect relationships

How can I track the progress of my campaign?

Our communication with you is vital to the project, helping you to understand exactly what activity is taking place each week and how prospects are being developed. At the beginning of each week, you will receive an email report detailing:

  • Number of calls made
  • Number of appointments booked
  • Number of prospects generated
  • Information on each of the prospects we are working on at that time

How is data for the campaign sourced?

There are three options for data provision:

  • Provide your own data in a spreadsheet
  • Instruct us as to the sectors or specific businesses you want an appointment with and we will research the data. This does slow down the calling process but saves on the cost of purchasing data
  • We work with a data provider to source fully qualified, researched and fresh leads. This costs approximately £300 + VAT per 1000

Pricing Matrix

For information regarding prices please download the Estadia Telemarketing Brochure